"Supplier of Logistics Services to sub-Equatorial Africa"
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Manica Africa specializes in developing a total freight solution jointly with key customers.

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Manica Africa Group Standard Terms and Conditions

Manica South Africa STC's - Download PDF
Manica Botswana STC's - Download PDF
Manica Malawi STC's - Download PDF
Manica Zambia STC's - Download PDF
Manica Zimbabwe STC's - Download PDF

  Track And Trace

Manica Africa offers their clients a web based track and trace system.

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  News & Events
1. The border will be opening at 06:00hrs up to 22hrs. Customs will be having two shifts from 06hrs to 14hrs and from 14hrs to 22hrs.
2. Special deliveries will only be granted up to 19hrs.
3. Banks will be operating up to 18hrs.
4. This will be effective on 01/02/2015.




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