"Supplier of Logistics Services to sub-Equatorial Africa"
  Project Management

Manica Africa is the benchmark when it comes to project management and expediting. Based on years of experience, Manica has developed an unmatched project methodology, employing unique transport, cargo clearing, cargo tracking and project management techniques. These techniques are creative, flexible, well-managed and well resourced with the most experienced staff in the business supported by a network of offices and facilities in sub-equatorial Africa.

Cargo movement and customs clearance are delivered without delay and to your specific requirements from order and expediting to delivery at final destination.

Humanitarian Food Aid 

Manica Africa understands the unsurpassed processes employed by the various Humanitarian Aid organizations. Our strong and elaborate regional network of customs clearing offices, warehouse locations, freight management offices and distribution networks are key to our success in facilitating and assisting Humanitarian Aid organizations in delivering goods to the end user safely, efficiently and cost effectively. Our experienced supervisors ensure that the physical activities that are requested are expertly actioned and they ensure that tallies and other record keeping and reporting are prompt, accurate and transparent for the benefit of all parties involved.

Manica Africa through their regional and overseas network of offices has been actively involved in the shipment of agricultural export products to over 80 different destinations for the past 30 years.

As a result Manica prides itself on being highly skilled in the storage, handling and shipment of all types of agricultural products, including – but not limited to tobacco cotton sugar and tea.

Manica Africa offers the same service on imports of inputs for the agricultural and associated industries. These products include primary and secondary processing equipment, farm implements and all other necessary requirements from fertilizer to fungicides.

Mining and Minerals

Manica Africa has operations strategically located within the SADC, with strong presence in mining “hotspots” such as the Central African Copper belt, with subsidiaries in both Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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