"Supplier of Logistics Services to sub-Equatorial Africa"
  SWIFT (Container Logistics)

Swift Container Logistics (Pty) Ltd is a business unit within Manica-Africa and the Bidvest Group.

The services offered are:

  • Container Leasing / Rental
  • Cabotage
  • Cross Border turn in options in Zimbabwe and Zambia including various depots facilities throughout Africa.
  • Customs border offices throughout Africa for clearance of cargo and hence able to satisfy a duel benefit.

Cabotage is the placement of empty containers from one location to another in order for containers to be utilized for shipment.
Swift repositions containers for our principals mainly over-boarder.  We are in fact known as the “Over Border Specialists”.

Cabotage Routes:
Harare to Durban / Jhb
Bulawayo to Durban / Jhb
Bulawayo to Harare
Jhb / Durban  to Malawi (Blantyre / Lilongwe)
Zambia (Kitwe/Lusaka) to Durban / Jhb
Mutare to Jhb
Jhb to Durban / Cpt 
Durban to Jhb
Cpt to Jhb

Container Rentals
Swift Container Logistics has its own fleet of containers.  A rental may include repositioning of a container local or over-border.

Over-border Rental options:
Durban / Jhb / Cpt to Harare
Durban / Jhb / Cpt to Bulawayo
Durban / Jhb / Cpt to Zambia (Kitwe/Lusaka)

Local Rental options:
Durban / Jhb / Cpt

Our aim is, and has always been, to provide excellent service at competitive prices. We, at Swift Container Logistics always go the extra mile to ensure our clients' needs are met.

Please contact us to request a quotation: Vaneshree Govindsamy  -  




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