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MALAWI - Social responsibility

In line with the group requirement on social responsibility, Manica Malawi has decided to assist the Malawi Police situated at the Mwanza border. We will be assisting them in renovations of the Police offices in Mwanza as well as constructing a proper road block facility on the Malawi side.

In terms of the road block facility, this is a permanent road block situated in Mwanza and we will be erecting booms across the road [currently they use drums] and these booms will have fixed banners on them which will show that booms have been donated by Manica Malawi. We will also be constructing a small brick shelter for the offices to have some protection from the elements, as currently they simply stand under a tree.

The Police are very grateful for this and from a company perspective we will get valuable advertizing in a prime spot. This has also strengthened our ties with the Malawi Police whom we rely on a lot to assist when we have thefts etc.

Click here to view letter of acknowledgement from Malawi Police regarding the program Manica Malawi undertook at Mwanza as part of their social responsibility plan.



On behalf of management, staff and Manica as a whole I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your nomination for this year’s Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) award ceremony on, inter alia, HIV/AIDS awareness at the work place. This is indeed fitting recognition of the sterling effort you have made in contributing to the wellness of your fellow employees within Manica and, in my view, of the enthusiasm and commitment with which you have embraced your new responsibilities. It just goes to show what one can achieve with a positive mindset and hard work, both of which have combined to attract the attention of outsiders and the nation at large.
Congratulations and I wish you good luck at the forthcoming awards ceremony
Albert Kamhunga
Managing Director
Manica Zimbabwe Ltd

Click here for Harare Annual Awards

Manica Africa is a business unit within Bidfreight, a division of Bidvest. As such, Manica subscribes to the same principles of Sustainable Development as the Bidvest Group and contributes financially to Bidvest’s corporate social responsibility programmes. Bidvest implements and manages these programmes at a Group level.
Sustainable Development at Bidvest is concerned primarily with social, environmental and Group sustainability issues. Many of the issues which are today characterized as “sustainability” are inherent in the way the Bidvest Group does business. This is evidenced by the Group’s consistent growth over two decades, the focus on returns and efficiencies, and our commitment to doing business in a moral, fair and ethical manner. Bidvest is a founding constituent of the JSE Socially Responsible Investment Index.



Bidvest recognises the human tragedy caused by the HIV/Aids epidemic, particularly in southern Africa. We are concerned about the gravity and implications of the epidemic for our group operating companies, Bidvest as a whole, employees and their families and the communities within which we serve. Our aim is to reduce the fear of HIV/Aids and to minimise the social, economic and developmental consequences of this epidemic on our company and its people.

Bidvest believes in responding as far as is reasonably possible to the human needs of the epidemic in a supportive, positive and non-discriminatory manner, so that people living with HIV/Aids are able to be open about their HIV status without fear of stigma or rejection.

Bidvest believes that non-discrimination, as well as consultation, inclusivity, and encouraging full participation of all stakeholders, are key principles underpinning its HIV/Aids responses.

Bidvest recognises that HIV/Aids carries a social stigma, and accordingly recognises that those of its employees infected or affected by the disease are entitled to be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Bidvest is committed to the principle of fair employment practices, and recognises that employees afflicted with life-threatening diseases or HIV/Aids may continue working in a normal manner, unless such employee’s condition begins to impact adversely on their work output, as defined by their job description, in which case Bidvest shall follow accepted guidelines regarding incapacity.

Bidvest’s HIV/Aids overall approach is comprised of the following key responses to the epidemic:

• Education and training about HIV at all levels within the Group
• Prevention of new infections through appropriate programmes
• Elimination of stigma and discrimination
• Sensitive care and support of those infected or affected by HIV
• Ensuring fair employment practices
• Measurement and analysis of the impact of HIV/Aids programmes

It is recognised that these responses should be framed within an overall principle of sustainability of action and outcomes in order to ensure that this policy is given substance and attracts commitment from all stakeholders.

The businesses in The Bidvest Group are encouraged to address the health challenges posed by HIV/Aids in a coordinated way that shares knowledge and experience. This approach will ensure a maximum effect in dealing with the epidemic.

All Group companies are committed to upholding these principles and key responses to ensure that our people and our customers are assured of a responsible and sustainable employer and business partner operating to internationally acceptable standards.

THE BIDVest GROUP LIMITED Environmental Policy 

The adoption of responsible environmental business principles and a proactive approach to environmental management are part of sustainable business practices. All corporations, irrespective of their sector, have an impact on the environment and thus need to play a proactive role in using their spheres of influence to develop economically, environmentally and socially sustainable operations. Bidvest recognises its responsibilities in this regard.

Bidvest commits to:

• Adhere to or exceed environmental regulations relevant to its operations internationally.
• Identify, mitigate and manage the environmental impacts and risks of its products and services.
• Optimise consumption of raw materials and energy, and minimise waste through applying a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ philosophy.
• Work in partnership with its suppliers, customers and other relevant business partners, within its sphere of influence, to redesign and reduce the environmental impact of products, services and other business activities.
• Unlock the creative potential for sustainable solutions by working with employees to embed an environmental consciousness throughout the organisation.
• Include environmental considerations in its business decisions.
• Work with its appropriate government departments, civil society groups and other stakeholders to identify and resolve environmental issues relevant to the Bidvest businesses.
• Encourage Bidvest divisions to set measurable targets and timelines relevant to their sectors.

Divisions are responsible for staying abreast of environmental best practices relating to their industry sectors and developing innovative solutions to environmental issues.

The Bidvest Environmental Policy is endorsed and supported by the Bidvest Board and is the responsibility of the Risk (Audit) committee. This committee will oversee the establishment and maintenance of relevant management structures and processes to achieve the objectives of this environmental policy. The policy objectives will be reviewed periodically and, if necessary, updated. The committee will review performance against objectives, which will be reported annually in the Bidvest sustainability report.




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